Upcycle Business Academy Membership

Founding Member Launch!!

You have the opportunity to become a founding member of the Upcycle Business Academy with Kim! She is launching this to a small group who will greatly benefit from joining at the beginning stages.

Kim will lead you through the success path of the Upcycle Business Academy and turn your confusion and overwhelm into a successful business.

I invite you to become a Founding Member. One of the big benefits of joining now is that you get in at the lowest price this is ever going to be. And you’ll be locked in at this price for as long as you stay a member in good standing. PLUS, you’ll be able to shape the membership as it grows by giving your ideas and insights as we build this together.

Helping you make money painting furniture!

 Are you in the season of your life where you are ready to give up your 9-5 and become your own boss?

Doing what you love and taking your passions and turning them into a business you can take pride in. To do this you need a guide, accountability, and a plan to build your business.

Each month in the Upcycle Business Academy you will receive...

  • New technique tutorial each month. Learn with Kim as well as amazing guests as you grow in your skills.

  • Professional business lesson each month. You will learn how to turn your hobby into a source of income step by step.

  • Monthly Q & A on the topic of the month.

  • Community!! This is a priceless part of the membership. You will grow in your knowledge as you learn from others in this private group. 

  • 15% discount on all lines that I carry. This will be expanding in the coming year!!

I am excited to help you create a successful business doing something you love!

  • Do you want to take your passion and hobby to a new level?  

  • Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

  • Did you ever think you could make money doing something you love?

  • Do you want some more time to explore the things you enjoy doing?

  • Do you need accountability and community?